You may already know duckweed and think of it as a nuisance. It's true it is a very invasive plant if left to grow wild and uncontrolled.  Here on our farm we have built ponds dedicated to the growing of duckweed.

The reason we have built these ponds is because we raise tilapia here in northeastern Brazil.  The duckweed plant is a great source of protein and has halved out food bill for the tilapia! For 10,000 fish, you can imagine this is quite a savings. 

If you would like to find out how to build duckweed ponds,  I have written an article on Hubpages. 

Although we use it for feeding our tilapia, there are people who feed it to chickens and other animals. It is also consumed by people in Asia. Besides using it as a feed supplement, you can also make money from growing duckweed. If you take a look at Ebay for example there will be people selling it. They are also selling it on Amazon.  When you realize how fast this plant grows you will understand that this could be a little gold mine. 

Let's look at what you will need to do to sell your plants. Firstly you will need an Ebay account. If you are like most people you already have one. On you write up about it, tout the benefits of using duckweed. Remember it isn't just about farm animals.  Think of all the people who have aquariums. Even in they grow it in a bowl on their kitchen counter for their goldfish,  they are still a potential customer of yours. 

For those who have a garden pond, they may like the idea of having duckweed either in their pond or as a feed for their fish. People who have chickens. All of these people could be your customers. Make a stunning sales page when describing the benefits of duckweed to sale on Ebay. You will need leakproof bags which you can send through the mail. Some people sell 50 plants and others sell 1/4 cup. Either way, when you see how fast this grows, it will be like a money plant. 

***One caveat here is, you can't sell plants abroad.  Check the restrictions in your country and with your postal service. Most countries do not allow this as the chance of transfering diseases and pests into a new environment is high. That said, their will be a market for it in your country. 
It is said that inspiration comes when you least expect it and this was the case for Charles Hudson.

With a farm of 650 acres in the Uk and only making ends meet, they realized they needed to modify the way their farm ran. But what changes could they make. Arable crops and beef were what his family did and what he knew.

It is easy for people to get stuck in their ways and continue doing the same old thing day in and day out but with an increasing overdraft and pressure from supermarkets, changes needed to be found.

Mr. Hudson attended a wedding service and noticed the paper confetti stuck to the ground outside the church. The vicar wasn't happy with the mess which paper confetti makes.

Back home, Charles glanced at the table where a vase of flowers was sitting. These had been there a few days and some of the petals had fallen and were scattered on the table. He picked a few up, and let them fall through his fingers. “Hmm, I wonder...”.

When Charles went to the farm manager, he got a quizzical look. This look was a common site as he told other farmers about his idea. Now, several years later, that has change and so has the landscape around his farm. He now farms 8 acres of delphiniums and those 8 acres account for 20% of the farm's revenue.

When you're venturing into unknown territory, there are going to be a few mistakes. Learning about which flowers work out to be the best for confetti. Although most people automatically associate rose petals, delphiniums are in fact what Mr. Hudson grows. These flower petals are hand picked and dried naturally which allows them to keep their color.

To cut out the middleman, The Real Flower Confetti company deals direct with brides and the wedding party. They will send out samples of the confetti petals so a bride can get just the colors they require.

This has been an uphill battle, but it is an increasing market and the wedding market in the UK alone is massive. There is a big push to use biodegrable and pesticide free products and this is another reason why their company is growing rapidly.

Now The Real Flower Confetti Company have not just delphiniums but also other flowers as well and has accessories such as personalized paper cones of confetti and baskets for sale as well.