I've spoken before about the potential of higher returns from tourists than from farming activities. Today's post is a combination of both. A crop and a tourist attraction.

Enter the maize maze or if you are in the USA/ Canada a corn maze. These are a popular attraction with people of all ages. With the use of a drone or helicopter, you will be able to take an aerial video of your maze. This is an excellent idea for promotions both online, and in the media. Journalists love having all the work done for them and if you can get a short video and a write up about the corn maze, its design, your farm etc, the newspapers and local TV love it. Free advertising that reaches local residents, who are most likely to be your customers is always a boost.

The times of merely cutting a few random paths through a field of corn are no more. Designs are intricate and sometimes recognizable images of famous people, characters or places. Designing and accurately cutting these to precise measurements is a skill. There are now  companies whose sole job it is to design and plan these with the farmer.

With the aid of GPS, these are cut to perfection.

According to some, a farmer can expect to bring in between $5,000- $50,000 in a season

As always though the money sounds great but it takes planning and it takes money to get started. You'll need a designer, seeds, someone to market, machinery and staff who will take care of your customers. 

Opt for a variety of corn which has a long season. Remember kids go back to school in September, and you want your corn to be green until they are back in school. The longer it can stay looking great, the better for your returns. Your peak time will be over summer school vacation, when families are out and about. 

It isn't just kids who enjoy this though, people of all ages love to 'get lost' for awhile. It also isn't only daytime, opt for moonlight strolls, organize bat sightings, some even have zombie nights. This is where you need a marketing ninja. They can be worth they weight in gold, and will pay for their salary many times over.