I think we all know that if you can fill a need for someone then you can earn from that. We have to stop for a moment and think, what do people want? This of course isn't always easy but for us as farmers, we often have a routine and although we may not clock in at 8:00am and leave at 5:00pm, we still have a schedule.

Our schedule is more of a planting and harvesting time plan and it is one we stick to if we are growing crops. This is where the general public fall short. Although we are aware of the temperature of our soil, if you live in a zone where it freezes, the general public isn't.

When the warm weather arrives, Joe Public wants to be out in the garden. It is almost an instinct. It is a burning desire to get out in the soil and plant.

Here is your market.

While Joe Public has been hard at work in an office, not realizing that spring was right around the corner, you have been potting up seedlings which are now doing quite nicely.

I have been to many farmers markets, swap meets and various market stalls and during spring, seedlings sell like hotcakes. I have stood by and watched a woman sell out of the stock she had brought. These included everything from marigolds to tomato plants.

I don't mind telling you I was gobsmacked as within a few weeks, these people could grow their own from seed and save a lot of money. Her customers wanted to get things moving fast and were happy to buy plants instead of waiting. 

So for just the price of a few plastic seed pots you could be on to a winner here. If you have a green house or a place indoors, start your seeds early so that when the gardening bug hits your customer, you have the product they want. 

It would be a good idea to also have information, either printed or verbally about the ideal growing conditions for the plant. Some people may ask and others may feel confident to buy without knowing this.  

Don't think because everyone grows plants such as tomatoes and common flowers that they will grow them from seed, many don't want the uncertainty of knowing if they will come up or not.