PictureEating Dandelion Greens
If you cringe in horror at the thought of them, don't be too hasty. In certain areas they are a nuisance, a pest,  and some would say a life long enemy to the gardener or those who love a perfect lawn.

But remember a weed is just a plant in the wrong place.

Although I no longer have to contend with the dandelion where I live in Brazil, we do have equally as invasive and unwanted plants. In fact some of the weeds I pull out, people in Europe and North America keep them as exotic house plants. I always find this rather funny.

Anyway let me get back to the topic of this post, dandelions. They are one of the most robust little plants as I'm sure you've seen them pushing up through cracks in the sidewalks and through asphalt.

Dandelions in the yard

If you can't beat them, eat them.

This was the advice I gave to my cousin who lives in Montana. She sent me a photo of one because she couldn't believe how many flowers this one plant contained. It was as though it knew it was going to have a short growing season and pushed out as many as it could.

My cousin hates the idea of spraying chemical weed killer anywhere. She has dug, used household products on the garden and even if she eradicates them from her space, the wind will carry in another lot of seeds from a neighboring yard.

She is exasperated about this ongoing problem.

As luck would have it, I found an interesting article about using dandelions in cooking. Let's face it,  with those dark green leaves, they simply must be rich in vitamin C, A and K. We just need to change our mindset with regards to this plant and see it as a valuable  food.

One thing to mention is you do not want to eat any which may have been sprayed with pesticides or in an area which is trafficked by dogs.  

Dandelion seeds are plentiful
The upshot of all this is, dandelions grow easily and can be an integral part of your garden. Why struggle with a variety of greens which isn't right for your area when you probably have this prolific plant growing near you?

The seeds as you know blow easily away although are easily retained from a dandelion seed head.

I am sure you have seen upmarket chefs using these in their cooking. You can too.