Seedling in sandFarming in sandy soil
Every farmer knows that without good soil, you're going nowhere if you plan to raise crops or feed animals off the land. So what do you do if your soil is poor? You can of course have it analyzed to see what it is lacking and add a chemical cocktail to it to improve it. After all that is what has done and it's “the norm”. The problem with this method, is we need to ask ourselves, is this the right thing to do?

Sometimes we get caught up in the dogma of what has been done and think it  must be the right way or the only way. But if we go back still further in time, people wouldn't have gone out and bought something produced in a factory to spread on the fields, would they? No of course not. What they needed for their land was produced on the farm or at least near-by on a neighboring farm.

Where I live in Brazil, our soil (I use that term loosely) is sand. Our farm is 10 minutes from the beach and is backed by sand dunes. Sand as a growing medium is not ideal in anyone's book and as such needs improving.

Problems with sand are:

  • Compaction. In certain places on our farm I can dig down 6 inches and it feels solid. The start of sandstone. Adding cut vegetation including weeds, is the answer. 

  • Lack of  nutrients: With sand, when the rains come, the nutrients get washed away, leeching through the sand.

  • Doesn't retain water: While other people add sand to assist in drainage, ours is the opposite. Mulching again is part of the answer. 

I don't know if you believe in the Law of Attraction, but we knew we need to do something more than what we have been doing for the improvement of our soil. Then my husband came across a series of videos done by an American man living in India. He has similar problems to us with regards to planting in sand. His advice is grow beans and weeds. That isn't the only advice he offers, but it was the first video I watched and knew I wanted to share it with you. 

Here is one of his videos and if you are dealing with sandy soil, no matter which country you live in, I would encourage you to watch it.



08/10/2016 7:58pm

We are planning to build a garden in our backyard. Unfortunately, the soil is a bit sandy and we don't know how to make it loamy. None of us have skills in gardening. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for sharing this helpful post!


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