Today we are going to be looking into getting worms into your small farm. 

Now you may think that you already have worms and that is enough. The addition of worms to any garden is beneficial and you should still encourage worms in your garden for your own benefit. 
 Okay but remember we are referring to ways to make money from these little beauties.

This is a very scalable business and you can make this as big or as little as you want. If you want to keep it just for yourself and friends, you can but understand that the potential to earn from worm farming is huge.

Below are two videos  I've  found  on You Tube. I love this first video for a few different reasons
  • It isn't a professional quality, it is just a young guy who has a great idea he wants to share. 
  • He's frugal. On small farms, wasting money is a big no-no. 
  • He gives credit both verbally and on the site to where he goes for inspiration.
  • He has a love of gardening.
  • He is concerned about the whole eco way of life and has a passion for sharing his ideas.
  • He has an  entrepreneurial (He is making a video to earn from). 
I am also including a second video with a commercial setup. Both videos, I believe, are worth watching. 

This just shows you can scale a worm farm to your time and resource level.

Let's look at the revenue streams associated with raising worms.

Selling the compost. Some of the best compost for sale and also for your farm is from worms. That rich dark compost which is left behind after these little guys have chewed their way through your fruit and veg scraps.

The term for this is vermicompost and it is not just good for the soil and environment, it can be good for your pocket, too. In Sonoma California there is a farm called Sonoma Valley Worm Farm. They produce 35,000 pounds of vermicompost a year and have client such as Oprah and Martha Stewart, among others. Think of how much money people pay for normal compost from a nursery. Now think how much they will pay for yours, a product which has been produced locally and is better than store bought and organic.

Selling worms: This has at least two streams of potential revenue coming from selling live worms. There will be those who wish to buy the worms to use in their gardens or to start their own worm compost farm.

 There are also the fishermen. I have a little story for you. When I was a kid, my cousins started a small worm farm at their home in a flower bed. They would feed it with scraps from the kitchen and when they got a call from a fisherman, they had little tubs to put the worms in. It helps if you are near a body of water such as a lake or reservoir. That said, if you produce enough you can easily deliver to various outlets such as bait shops and garden centers as shown in the second video above. 

Compost tea.

Here too can be an untapped source of revenue for you. Selling the tea you collect as runoff from the “worm juice” is an extra bonus. This is full of rich goodness and also has a value  either for your own garden or to sell as another by-product from your worm farm.

I think it is easy for people who aren't on a farm to look at animals and think that only dogs and cats have that playful spirit. For those who live on a farm,  we often see not just playfulness but also a sense of love between their offspring.

I saw a lovely video which showed a cow, just having fun on a snowy day.

So what does that have to do with you making money, you might ask. 

Consider filming and uploading videos as a way of making money from your animals. If you think that no one watches videos with animals, then you, my friend have been living under a rock. You can't get away from cat videos but if you look on You Tube, the amount of farm animals on there is immense. Those people  are all earning from those videos and so can you.  If you have a video camera or can hold your smart phone still, then all I can say is.

Lights, Camera, Action.

And it's over to you



    If you have a small farm or homestead, you're probably looking for ways to make more money from it. This is exactly what our goal is, to give you ideas for you to try. 
    For readers in the US, I am obliged to tell you, if you click on an ad, I will be compensated for it. 


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