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If your first reaction to this idea is, I could never do that, it's gross, I'll tell you, I thought the same way. The problem isn't the maggot, it is just that we have come to associate them with trash and filth. If you look at it differently as a potential food source for your chickens or fish, would you consider rearing them? Many of our preconceived ideas, put up a roadblock to potentially beneficial activities and we need to stop and ask ourselves, where these notions come from and if they are true.

Let's look at some of their uses and see if they are a potential money earner for your farm.

  • Selling as fishing bait
  • Selling to hospitals
  • Animal feed

Bait for fishing

Let's start first with using them as bait. I use them here on my farm when I am fishing and the tilapia always seem to go for them. They seem to prefer the young white ones over the darker colored ones which are slightly older. The good thing about using maggots, is they're free, and they stay on the hook. Now we know why fishermen love them, ask yourself a few questions. Is selling maggots as a bait, possible for you? If you live near a lake, river, or reservoir where people fish, this is something to consider. If you would prefer to sell to a bait shop instead of the end user, that's okay. They will undoubtedly be looking for a reliable source of maggots for fish bait.

Selling Maggots to Hospitals

Hospitals are beginning to see the sense in using maggots as a way of removing rotten flesh. Although this is an ancient technique, there are hospitals which are introducing this when an infection is resistant to antibiotics. The arrangements for rearing them for hospitals would be different than rearing maggots for fish bait as the conditions, of course, would need to be sterile.

Raising Maggots for animal food.

It isn't just fish who love eating maggots, chickens do as well. They are a rich source of protein for them and as they are virtually free, make a great addition to their diet. These can not only be used for your chickens but also sold as chicken feed.  If you are a fish farmer, these are an excellent source of protein for the fish as well. Check the protein on the commercial fish feed and you will see, the higher the protein, the better the quality, and also a higher price. If you can get your foot in the door with fish farmers they will welcome you with open arms as the price to feed them a high protein food is expensive. What more could you want from a marketable product? Almost free to produce, and a welcoming market willing to pay!

The setup to raise them can be as elaborate as you want to make it. The type you choose may be determined by where you live. Things to consider are your proximity to neighbors, legal requirements, and outlets to sell them.

If you live near to a lake which is popular with fisherman or can easily transport them to an area with bait shops, this could prove to be a popular and profitable endeavor for you. Or if your farm is on the road to a popular fishing spot, put a sign up where passing traffic can see it. 

I am including a couple of video links. below to show you different ways to rear them. One of these is from Indonesia, one from Ohio (USA). For your own use it can be as simple as a bucket with guts in it to rear maggots. There are also videos for those on You Tube. 

It is true you don't want the smell or subsequent flies unless they are controlled. This is one of the reasons you need to consider your area and potential problems with the neighbors or city regulations.   


Perhaps those two words might not fit together for you in a sentence but don't discount it so easily as there are some countries where grasshoppers and other insects are a necessary and welcome protein source.

I know here on our coconut farm in Brazil, we have a problem with them, especially at the end of the wet season. Ours are bigger than some of the birds we have here on our farm. We don't use chemicals to eradicated them, we remove them manually, usually with the whip from a bamboo stick.

You too may see them only as a pest but in certain countries these are seen as a delicacy. Called Chapulines in Oaxaca Mexico. These are usually crispy fried and used as an appetizer or in Mexican dishes. They have these for sale on Amazon and you can see there is money to be made from them

In fact according to research conducted  by from the Department of Entomology at Wageningen University, 13% of the insects which are consumed around the world are grasshoppers or crickets.

Although you may not find an initial  market by selling them, people like to try unusual things. As more adventurous chefs are adding them to recipes, their popularity will increase. Also, as people are travelling more they will be experiencing these crunchy little snacks in other countries. When they return home, it is likely they will seek these out to share with friends and family. 

The UN is pushing people towards eating a sustainable food source like insects as livestock such as cows, pigs and sheep are killing the planet

The amount of food it takes to generate a pound of meat is not sustainable. Couple this with toxic run-offs of farms into the water table and we are polluting not just the soil but our drinking water as well.



    If you have a small farm or homestead, you're probably looking for ways to make more money from it. This is exactly what our goal is, to give you ideas for you to try. 
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