Perhaps those two words might not fit together for you in a sentence but don't discount it so easily as there are some countries where grasshoppers and other insects are a necessary and welcome protein source.

I know here on our coconut farm in Brazil, we have a problem with them, especially at the end of the wet season. Ours are bigger than some of the birds we have here on our farm. We don't use chemicals to eradicated them, we remove them manually, usually with the whip from a bamboo stick.

You too may see them only as a pest but in certain countries these are seen as a delicacy. Called Chapulines in Oaxaca Mexico. These are usually crispy fried and used as an appetizer or in Mexican dishes. They have these for sale on Amazon and you can see there is money to be made from them

In fact according to research conducted  by from the Department of Entomology at Wageningen University, 13% of the insects which are consumed around the world are grasshoppers or crickets.

Although you may not find an initial  market by selling them, people like to try unusual things. As more adventurous chefs are adding them to recipes, their popularity will increase. Also, as people are travelling more they will be experiencing these crunchy little snacks in other countries. When they return home, it is likely they will seek these out to share with friends and family. 

The UN is pushing people towards eating a sustainable food source like insects as livestock such as cows, pigs and sheep are killing the planet

The amount of food it takes to generate a pound of meat is not sustainable. Couple this with toxic run-offs of farms into the water table and we are polluting not just the soil but our drinking water as well.



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