Unless you have been living under a rock, you can't help but notice the fact that drones have been in the news. In the main this has come in two categories, people who say they want one, and the other camp that feel  Big Brother is spying on them.

There are even companies, Amazon, for example who are delivering packages using them.

 Now you may be asking how does this tie in with your farm. I'm glad you asked.

People who have drones or radio controlled cars, planes and helicopters need a place to fly them where they won't get into trouble from the FAA,  their local authority or create tension with their neighbors. 

**Before you all fly off  the handle (see what I did there), and tell me about the restrictions in the USA, this is a site which is read by people all over the world where restrictions are different. 

Remember,  although you have free space all around you on your homestead or farm, many urbanites are limited on the space they have. In fact some people live in apartments and others have back yards the size of a postage stamp. This is good news for you.

Here again, if you are on the outskirts of a city or town, you are well placed to create an environment for people to use these big boys toys.

I visited a place in the UK some years ago where a local farmer had set aside a grassy area which was solely for the purpose of using radio controlled devices. There was a building which was called a clubhouse which although it sounds grand  was actually just a port-a-cabin.

There was  great camaraderie between the people (mostly men)  that were there and most of them spent a good portion of their weekend flying their planes and helicopters and racing their remote control cars.

As I recall there were options of how to pay. A daily price, monthly or a yearly membership. The yearly membership included perks such as full time use of the facilities, a sweatshirt with a logo  and a hat. 

Radio Controlled Helicopter

What would it take to get your farm up and running on this? 

An area away from trees and power lines.

Check with the local and federal aviation boards to find out if it is doable in your area and what the restrictions are.

A large flat area for planes and helicopters to take off and land.

For radio controlled cars I would suggest looking into two areas. There are those who just like the speed in a straight line and others who like a challenge of a track with curves. Some will prefer asphalt and others want only a dirt track.  Just remember you can't please everyone, aim for those who will bring you the most revenue for your outlay.

Ask people who have a keen interest in remote controlled helicopters, planes and cars to see what they would suggest and I suspect the ideas will come pouring out. The changes you make should be your decision only as you are the one who would be spending the money and be liable.

Check your insurance requirements, you may need your clients to sign a waiver excluding you from paying damages which could happen to people and property. Contact a lawyer to have him/her draw up  a form for everyone to sign beforehand.

As always with a captive audience like this, make sure you are selling light refreshments. If you are dismissing this idea, just think of a movie cinema, how much do they make off their concession stands. If you or your family aren't up to the task, lease out this pitch and let someone else do the catering

If you or someone you know can instruct people in the use of drones, this could also be a money spinner for you. The idea of a set up like this is to use it to its maximum and extract cash from every possible avenue. 
There is an old saying, 

throw it at the wall and see what sticks.

Keep trying ideas and evolving and soon you'll find one which is both enjoyable and profitable. 

If you live near an area where parking is at a premium or difficult to find, consider offering this an option. Even bus companies which bring in workers need somewhere to park until the shift is over. Often it is not economical for a bus to return to its depot empty and then return again in a few hours. Most companies prefer to have their buses park up, and wait for the workers. 

We see this a lot where we live. We live near a port which buses many of their workers in. There are large flat and dry areas which have been cleared in a farmers field for the buses to park. Then what has happened is a small canteen has sprung up where the drivers past the time having morning coffee, and their lunches. They will have a nap in the bus (this is Brazil, after all) and then they will head back out to pick up their workers for the journey home.

So how can this work for your farm?

Are you near an area where workers are transported in? This doesn't have to be just workers in buses, what about trucks? Are you near a main road where you could provide a safe place for truckers to sleep?

Think about the other services these people may need.

Food, restroom facilities and maybe somewhere to have a shower.

It is easy to overlook the obvious but this could be, money for old rope. Sometimes they just need somewhere to park.

If construction is going on in your area, there will be heavy machinery which is too costly to return to its base and can't be left on site. This could be a boon for you and your farm. Don't be embarrassed to ask.

Develop those entrepreneurial skills and get out there and make your available space known.  



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