Depending on your location and the size of your small farm, consider running a swap meet or a flea market. Or as it is called in the UK, a car boot sale. The revenue would be generated from the vendors who are hoping to sell. Don't think that this is only a few people who are wanting to clear out their garage as I have seen these transform into something quite large. With enough people attending on the weekend, this will attract hamburger vans, and other vendors who are selling new items.


This is ideally suited for people who are within 30 minutes or so of a populated area. Good access roads are also a factor as no one wants to get stuck in the mud with their car. However if they do, you can pull them out if you have a tractor or a 4x4. A fee could be asked for doing so.

For parking for the vendors you will need a dry field and one which is quite level. Here the grass or weeds should be kept short. Customer parking should be close by and also as dry as possible.

Organize this well and this
can be a year round money-maker. You can move the location to different fields as required.

I personally loved going around car boot sales when I was in the UK . Everyone loves a bargain and they will seek out areas where they can go to several vendors at one time.

If you are in the USA, you'll know the popularity of garage sales. This is the same idea but people love to have everyone in one place.



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