One of the ideas we considered here on our farm was a quad bike course. We live about 40 miles from the capital city of our state and at the weekend our little coastal town fills with tourists from the city. Many of these are well off and looking for a little adventure. Location as I have said is a crucial factor in what activities your farm can support. Here's a few more items which need to be taken into account before committing to a decision about your farm.

  • Location: 
  • Spending power of  visitors
  • Suitability of land
  • Neighbors
  • Legal requirements
  • Accessibility

Let's look at each of these in turn. Our location as I said was ideal as we get domestic tourists every weekend, year round. We are near the main road so are easily found.

The spending power of the potential customer in our area is high. Here in Brazil there is an emerging middle class who are looking for creative and new ways to spend their money. Also during the international tourist season which usually runs from June-December there are tourists who range from 20-50 who are adventure seekers. Although they would have to rent a quad bike which in itself could turn into a money maker.

Suitability of land: The suitability of our land is ideal as we have sand dunes to the rear, undulating land and lakes. You can imagine a well defined track with dips and turns cutting in and out of the lakes.

Neighbors: We are lucky to have great neighbors but the noise levels would have to be considered as 20 quad bikes or off road motorcycles create quite a din. That said, it would likely only be a weekend business and we already have quad bikes most Sundays on the sand dunes behind our house.

Legal requirements: Where I live in Brazil, they have a very laissez-faire attitude to business unless people complain. Still in most developed countries you would need permission to run this type of business.

Accessibility; We are only a short distance off the main road which is better as many people even with GPS don't like to travel too far out of their way.

Once you have decided if your land would be suitable with proper tracks and if there would be an interest then begin to look at the other hurdles. There is no sense in spinning your wheels if the customer base just isn't there.

Now, assuming that customers will come to where you are, let's look at the lay of the land. What could you do to make it more enjoyable for those with quads or off road motorcycles? Give them tracks and obstacles to go around, and over and you could be onto a winner.

If you know someone who is an enthusiast into this type of motor sport, get them onboard and ask their advice. If this plan comes to fruition then he/she will bring their friends.  

Once you have taken all the ideas into consideration, before you start any other work on it, you should contact your council to see what, if any permissions you need. Here it would be a good idea to have an outline of what you plan to do, what facilities you will be offering and how many you intend to have on your property at any one time. 

You should also look at other businesses in your area to use these as precedents for your venture. Are there other 'noisy' or busy places near-by? How do they handle the extra traffic?

If you can anticipate the questions or objections they city council may have, they will see that you have looked into this thoroughly. That said, there are some people who hate to see entrepreneurs succeed, don't ask me why. If possible, seek out those who are either interested in your type of venture or open to new ideas.


Once you have obtained the necessary outline permission, you can begin designing your course. This doesn't have to be fancy, but it should be challenging. Have clearly defined areas for the route so the bikers stay within those boundaries. Over time you can alter or add in features.

Other additions to consider once you have a clientele is a place to eat or even a catering van. This can either be run by yourself or you can rent this pitch to someone who has a catering truck. Either way you will be bringing in extra money to your farm.

Consider renting out motorcycles or quads for use on your course. Although the outlay is great, you will be earning this back many times over.




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