If you live near an area where parking is at a premium or difficult to find, consider offering this an option. Even bus companies which bring in workers need somewhere to park until the shift is over. Often it is not economical for a bus to return to its depot empty and then return again in a few hours. Most companies prefer to have their buses park up, and wait for the workers. 

We see this a lot where we live. We live near a port which buses many of their workers in. There are large flat and dry areas which have been cleared in a farmers field for the buses to park. Then what has happened is a small canteen has sprung up where the drivers past the time having morning coffee, and their lunches. They will have a nap in the bus (this is Brazil, after all) and then they will head back out to pick up their workers for the journey home.

So how can this work for your farm?

Are you near an area where workers are transported in? This doesn't have to be just workers in buses, what about trucks? Are you near a main road where you could provide a safe place for truckers to sleep?

Think about the other services these people may need.

Food, restroom facilities and maybe somewhere to have a shower.

It is easy to overlook the obvious but this could be, money for old rope. Sometimes they just need somewhere to park.

If construction is going on in your area, there will be heavy machinery which is too costly to return to its base and can't be left on site. This could be a boon for you and your farm. Don't be embarrassed to ask.

Develop those entrepreneurial skills and get out there and make your available space known.  



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