You may never have heard the term before but micro jobs are small online tasks, some which take less than a couple of minutes to do. There are companies online which specialize in these types of jobs and require people. 

These tasks are ones which can't be done by a computer. For example, one of the micro jobs I have done is looking at images which will appear on Amazon. You have to determine a few things about the image. 

  • Is it blurry
  • Is there a person in the photo
  • Is it photographed on a white background. 

Other tasks might include such things as product categorization.For example you might be shown a pair of sandals and so far, it is only classified as 'shoes'. You can either put this under summer footwear or classify it as sandals and then flip flops (depending on its style). 

The tasks are simple to do and can be done fast. There are several companies on the internet but the one I use is called Clickworker. 

The good thing about microjobs is they can be done when you want to do them. You just click onto the site and do a few jobs when you have time. Although the pay for each job isn't much, they don't take long and it soon adds up. If for example you have 10 or 15 minutes, you can go there do a few and that money will stay in your account until it reaches a payout level. It is surprising how quickly it can add up.

This company, for me is great because they don't require you to live in the USA, which many US based companies do. That means no matter where you live, you can sign up. 



06/06/2016 3:22am

These Micro jobs are getting more popular among people now days. People are trusting online jobs and applying for them. They are good option for the people who can`t go out and do work in office. They can be done from home. These project don`t have deadline and pressure free job.


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