If you have a large room in your home which you don't use or could convert, consider renting or selling wedding dresses. I know this is a completely different area than farming but if you have the space, put it to use to earn some revenue.

This of course isn't only applicable to a small farm, anyone with space in their home or garage can do this.

No matter what time of year it is, people are getting married and many still opt for a traditional style wedding dress. That said, not everyone wants to buy a dress they will only use once so this a boom for you. Getting paid several times for the same dress is a great way to earn money.

Many years ago I knew a woman who did this in her front room. She had a lovely Victorian house which was bleeding her dry with the upkeep. This is when she decided to rent wedding dresses. At the time, she didn't have the luxury of Ebay and had to find other means to source her dresses.

To start you will need some capital but not as much as you might imagine. Begin with buying good quality used dresses in the most popular sizes. Check charity shops and also on Ebay but stay away from those which have been made in China. I have heard some awful tales about dresses from there. Remember most of these dresses will only have been worn once and some not at all. This could be for various reasons, perhaps the bride gained or lost weight, maybe the wedding was called off.

Either way, they will be willing to accept much less than they paid and remember that you are in this for the long term. Each dress if it is a popular size and lovely style will be hired out several times repaying your initial investment many times over.

There will of course be other outlays which will include cleaning once it is returned. If there are wine or food stains the person who hired it should be charged. Some people charge a cleaning fee no matter what the condition, so this is something to bear in mind. If the dress is simple without adornments such as sequins, beads or inlaid lace, it may be machine washable on a gentle cycle. If in doubt take it to the dry cleaners. Remember, that dress has the potential to make you money.

Occasionally there will be a need for minor repairs. I am not referring to providing a fitting service for the bride, I mean general repairs such as a split seam and such. If you have sewing skills, that is great. If not, seek out a seamstress who can do the work for you. Aim to check all you dresses frequently for minor problems.

Allow the women to try on the dresses in a private room or supply screens for them to change behind.

Once your business gets rolling along you can add in tiaras, wedding shoes, veils and even hair adornments if you wish.

To advertise your business in now much easier because of the internet and much cheaper. Use Facebook and ask your friends to share. Post business cards in prominent places such as grocery stores. Keep business cards with you at all times and any time you hear people talking about an upcoming wedding, give them a card. It isn't being pushy, they will appreciate it.

Now that you have rented them a wedding dress that's it, right.

Heck no!

If you have a usable barn or covered open space, this is the ideal place for a reception. More and more people are looking for something different. Your responsibility would be to get it clean and the wedding party can decorate. The wedding party would also be responsible for the hiring of caterers and the rental of equipment such as table and chairs, plates, and cutlery all needed for the reception.

For the guests, ensure you have adequate parking and w/c facilities available.

Now when you look at your large building, don't think, we can't do anything with this, ask yourself,

“How can we use this better”. I am going to be giving you a lot of ideas of how to use your space. Hopefully you will take these ideas and meld them into something which fills a need in your local area.

Your whole farm has unlimited potential and it is down to you to capitalize on it.  



06/26/2016 9:11pm

I believe that this is a very helpful idea. This will be able to occupy a vacant room or an empty garage to be able to use it as a new source of income. There are many things you can do in an empty room and one is the one suggested by the post the renting of wedding dress. It is very appropriate to have that certain kind of business because ever now and then people are getting married. I believe that we must be practical nowadays and think of some ideas on how we can earn money and thinking outside the box that would result to a productive future.

07/02/2016 12:45am

This of course isn't only applicable to a small farm, anyone with space in their home or garage can do this.

10/01/2016 11:24am

I may be new to writing professionally, I am not entirely new to the field of writing having written and published my first articles in a now local defunct publication.


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