If you grew up on a farm, you may not have experienced this. However if you are a transplant to a homestead from an urban environment, there will be many situations where you will find yourself saying, ewww. This might be followed by a how gross or an I can't believe I have to do this

No one said living on a small farm was going to be clean but there are smells, and gooey things that we never realized needed handling. Yesterday I looked at my dirty nails and said,' a manicurist would have a fit if she saw my hands in this state'. 

I use to be that type who had false nails which were renewed every two weeks. It was my one little bit of pampering I indulged in. Now, I think I could grow potatoes with the dirt I carry around under them. They do of course get cleaned but I question whether they could ever return to their former glory. 

Today let's look at some of the things we now see as a day to day occurrence when not so long ago , we would have been freaked out by it. 

 I use to put as much space between them and me as possible and if I had insecticide near-by, they got a blast of it. Once I nearly burned my mom's house down trying to eradicate a nest (that's a story for another time though). Now I realize how beneficial wasps are to a garden. Did you know they remove caterpillars from plants? I have watched them hunting and carrying the caterpillars back to their nest. They are very good providers for their unborn offspring. 

On a farm you are going to get shit, there is no way around it. What ever animal you have, it will shit. The upside of all this shit is that most of it you can use on your plants. Still the smell is strong and I personally don't think I will ever get use to it but that is part of living on a farm. 

Here again, I never liked them but I see they play a crucial role on a farm. I feel like they are part of my arsenal along with preying mantises, frogs, and birds. Anything which is going to keep unwanted insects down is okay by me. 

Even if you don't see them, it is likely you have snakes. Don't be alarmed, as they keep the rodent population down. 

These are just a few of the things that make city folk cringe and run or at least get a “Yuck” out of them. When people dream of living on a farm, often they don't think about the gooey, stinky side of it. 

How have you coped with the Eww factor? Is there still something which you don't like doing?


I understand your situation. I grew up in an urban area but then some issues went up and my family transferred me to a rural area. I spent 5 years living beside a farm. At first it is very hard just like what you've said. I find it very hard to adapt to the environment and I also experienced those "eww factors" that you said. But after months of adjusting, I unexpectedly loved the culture there.


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