Do you blog about your activities on your small farm or homestead? Many homesteaders do and they are earning from it. They do this by having ads on their blog, as I am sure you have seen blogs with advertising links on the side or sometimes also in the text themselves.

There are of course Google ads which you can place on your page and then they match ads to the theme of your blog. To do this you need to sign up with Google Ads after you have already written a few articles. Sometimes people put the cart before the horse and want to place ads before they have written anything. Get a blog or website going, and then go for some ads.

Beside Google ads there is also Amazon who, as I am sure you know, have virtually everything for sale. For Amazon you can either select a specific product or allow Amazon to choose which to decide. This doesn't always work as well as it should but the more specific you can be when listing the search filters, the better. To give you an example, on my tilapia blog, they were showing running shoes made from tilapia skin! Although this was interesting I would be unlikely to make a sale from it as tilapia farmers, probably aren't going to buy these shoes.

There are also companies who specialize in affiliate marketing. They bring publishers and business people together. I use ShareASale and Commission Junction. They both represent many companies who are looking for people like you and me to place targeted ads one our websites and blogs. Both are free to join and you just find a company which you think will be a good fit for your blog. Some of these companies may pre-approve you and others may want to see the standard of your writing and your blog.

The importance of placing relevant ads will make the difference between making a sale and not.


Work From Anywhere

So now you know how you can make money from your blog, you may be wondering what to write about. Write about your life on your small farm or homesteader. I love reading other farming blogs for ideas of what to do on our farm. It is like a global farming community sharing ideas. It isn't just other homesteaders though, as other people who dream of living on a farm are also loyal followers. 

Here's a list of potential 'farm blogging' topics:

  • Gardening ideas: Have you found the perfect solution to a gardening problem? If so there is a huge audience out there who wants to know. Gardening isn't just about farming as many people are urban gardeners. 

  • Recipes: Think about how many cooking shows there are on television and you'll know there is an audience who is hungry (see what I did there?) for recipes. Good 'ol fashion home cooking is back on the menu and that is where you come in. If you have never heard of Ree Drummond, check out her site, she has it down to an art form. 

  • Simple repairs to farm equipment: I don't know how many times a week we look on the internet to find out how to repair something or a quick life hack for an easier way to use a machine. Some evenings my husband gets lost on the internet watching tractor videos from around the world. 

  • Upcycling: When I think about the things we have reused on our farm, my head spins. Now we look at something and see other possible uses for it. To give you a current example, we are planing on making a trailer using.... wait for it..... a wheel chair, a door, and a fish cage. Not only will this type of quirky outlook get you views from other homesteaders, it is the type of thing which would do well on Pinterest. 

I hope this has given you some ideas of what you can write about and how you can monetize your work. As small farmers, any extra streams of income are always welcome.


Blogging is a great art and not all the people can do this right. You are good to share these views here for the people who want to get motivation from the bloggers who are doing well in this field.

10/02/2016 8:34am

So, do you think it's possible to make some money from such blog? I think I will create my own blog later.


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