They say a penny saved is a penny earned and I am certain most farmers live quite frugal lives. It isn't that we're cheap, it is just that we see the value of money more than most people.

Today's blog post is about entering contests or sweepstakes. Don't discount the idea of this as companies now offer online entries and there is no charge to enter. You don't even have to go to the post office and buy stamps.

Even companies which sell farm and homestead supplies are offering prizes. Granted many of these are for people living in the US and Canada but not all. You may wonder how I know this.

Besides this website, I also have one where I list online sweepstakes, giveaways and contests. When I started it I was amazed at the prizes on offer for homesteaders, small farmers, and even urban farmers. 

My site Ace Contests, lists many prizes which would benefit the small farmer. Whether you need a sit on lawn mower, a chicken coop, or recipe books there are usually a multitude of prizes which are useful. 

It isn't just equipment though as many companies or even bloggers offer money as prizes. This is usually paid into a Paypal account. Some bloggers pool their resources and offer Amazon vouchers as prizes. Both Paypal and Amazon vouchers are extremely useful for the small farmer as we can buy what we need. Another bonus is, when it is a prize like money into Paypal or the vouchers, these are usually open to a worldwide audience.

If you do live outside the USA or Canada, be aware that the Amazon vouchers are country specific and as most of the sweepstakes are run from the US, it would most likely be Amazon.com vouchers. That said, many of the sellers now on Amazon will ship internationally.

One thing I need to mention though regarding entering sweepstakes and giveaways,  it is prohibited in certain countries. Check the official rules on each sweepstakes page before entering.  



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