Because we all know that making money on a small farm isn't easy, I try and find sites which will allow me to build up multiple streams of income. Some of these include designing sites and others include writing. 

I have just started on a writing site which I am excited about, it's called Niume, and it is causing quite a stir among the writers who I know. The reason for this, is the community spirit is still there where on some of the other sites, it isn't. 

The writing posts don't need to be long but the minimum is 5 lines of text which is nothing in comparison to many of the sites I write on. In essence you write on a topic you know or love and one which is useful to other people. 

You pick a category (they call it a sphere) and then you can promote it on any of the social network sites. The pay is currently $1.00 per 1,000 views. Yes there are sites which pay better but the requirements are more stringent. 

If you have never written online, this could be a good site to cut your teeth on, as it is simple to use. 

I would suggest you upload a profile image and a bit of information about yourself before you start writing. People like to see an image of the author I believe. If you don't like to use your own image, an image will be better than the blank default icon. There are free images to use on a site called Pixabay. 

Why not head over to Niume and take a look. Just to let you know, when you sign up using the link I am providing, I will receiving compensation for it and so will you. We each will earn $1.00 to add to our coffers.



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