The time around the holidays can be a boon time for people with small farms. If your farm is near a town you can have holiday themed classes. Remember you don't have to teach these classes yourself but if you can, there is good money to be made from it. Let's look at some of the holiday themes tutorials.

Wreath making.

 This is a hands on class which would require a couple of long tables with chairs. A smaller table for the instructor to use as a display table. 

There are many different wreaths which can be made and it would be up to you or the instructor to supply the necessary items to construct this. 

The outlay needn't be much and your students can pay for their place ahead of time, allowing you to buy supplies and keep the rest.

Show a few examples of finished pieces and explain the steps involved. Then, let them get started. 

Top tips:

Serving refreshments such as mulled wine or eggnog will give the class a festive feel. 

Playing festive music will get everyone into a holiday spirit. It would be a good idea to also wear something 

Wreaths are just one of the things you could do

Handmade Christmas gifts are always popular. Mason Jars, Bell Jar or other canning jars  have a ton of usage ideas and creating gifts using these would be a big hit. 

People can fill these with anything personal to the recipient. This might include small  chocolates for their  favorite aunt, fishing paraphernalia for their brother, or make-up items for their daughter.  It is just a novel way to make Christmas a little bit different and special. 
Because people are always busy during the holiday season it is best to time this right. If you plan on running several classes, have them begin in late October or early November. You will know your target market. If you are aiming at busy mom's, make sure your classes are during school hours. If you are hoping to attract people who work, then an evening class is better. There is no reason that you can't run several during the week, all it takes is organizing and planning. 

During the autumn months, it is usually a slower time on the farm, depending on where you live and this added cash injection could be just what you are looking for.  



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