When we look at our farms we don't see it as others do. I know when I sit outside with my morning coffee, I see jobs which need to be completed. When guests are here, they see what I used to see, wide open spaces, a sparkling lake, and a natural environment teeming with bird life. They see paradise. 

It was this feeling that made us fall in love with our place and although our thoughts have changed, the place  has stayed the same. It is merely our perception of our small farm. 

So how does this relate to making money from your small farm, you might think you can't sell inspiration. Well, actually you can. I have recently been listening to an audio book by Natalie Goldberg.

She runs workshops for writers. And apparently, so do a lot of other people. Your place could be the inspiration they need. 

Stop for a moment and look at your homestead as  an outsider, someone who doesn't have a hundred and one things on their to-do list. What do you see?

Let's say you were a city dweller, and you just arrived to stay on your farm for the first time. It's a pretty amazing place, that is what you have to sale.

Earning Potential For a Writer's REtreat


There are two ways to earn from using your small farm as an inspirational place. One is to individuals. In Ms. Goldberg's book,  which I mentioned earlier, she found it difficult to write at her own place and sought out alternative places. Don't be fooled into thinking these were all quiet places, they weren't, in fact cafes were one of her favorite places to write.  J.K. Rowling also wrote in a cafe. The truth is,they just need somewhere away from their own distractions. You know what it is like, if you are at home you know the dishes need to be washed, the floor needs to be swept and so the list goes on. Your list may be different than mine but these are things which are always on my list. So, for someone else your small farm could be the perfect place for them to pen their next novel. 

The other option would be providing a place for a group of writers. I have a friend who has gone away to a writer's retreat where they will be with other authors, learning from each other and listening to what the other attendees have written. It can be an exciting time. Your farm could make the perfect meeting location for a writer's workshop. The length of time varies, it could be a weekend or just a few hours. 

What Would you Need to supply?

So what would you, as a host and owner,  be responsible for doing? Obviously table and chairs although some writers prefer to sit in a circle on the floor writing.  If you have a room or area large enough to accommodate a group of people where they can do their writing, then this is a good option to look at to make some extra money from your farm. Even if you only have a barn, if it is dry and comfortable imagine the inspiration a writer could find there. 

Besides supplying them with somewhere to write, you may be asked to supply the refreshments. This could be as simple as tea and coffee and sandwiches. 
If this workshop lasts over a weekend, you will want to accommodate them. Why send them up the road to a hotel if you can earn  that revenue. Remember their rooms don't need to be fancy, you're a farm. 

You might think, 'I don't know anyone who wants to teach a writing course.' I can understand that it may seem daunting at first but think of it this way, there is probably someone with writing skills wanting to start a  class but can't find the right venue. Just because it isn't being done in your area doesn't mean there isn't a need for it. 
The amount of authors who have decided to go down the route of self publishing has skyrocketed. Does that mean they all are experienced writers? No, of course not.  If a writer's book doesn't take off like they wish it had, often they will be looking for a course to help them become better at their chosen field. Most writers, especially at the beginning, are filled with self doubt and want to improve their writing. This is why these courses are so popular. 

Where to find an Creative writing teacher

If you know any teachers, this would be a good place to start. If they don't want to do it they will probably recommend someone. If you don't have anyone in the field of education that you know, go to the library and explain what you want to do. Librarians, God love them, are one of the world's best untapped resources of information about what is going on not just in the literary world but in the community.  Not only would they be able to suggest an instructor, they could mention the courses to some of their regular visitors. As you must know, those who write also read, and usually are regular visitors and supporters of the local libraries. 

The price you charge will very much be dependent on your area and the services that you provide.  Find out the price of other venues in your area, such as meeting rooms and base your prices around this as a starting point. Remember you have something special, although you may not be aware of it. 



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