nest with pupa and waspswasp nest
Getting stung is something farmers and homesteaders will encounter at some point on their farm. Although it is never a pleasant experience, it is something we can prepare for. 

I am writing this after I downed tools this morning because I was stung on the eyelid. Although we have  a wide variety of wasps, mud dabbers, and bees, this morning it was a small wasp. These nests are well hidden in the cattails which I was cutting this morning. This morning I got off lightly with one sting. Last week I had 5 on the face and 3 on my arm. 

I have been known to swell up when stung so for me, I go to the house and take an antihistimine. 
I also drank a liter or water to flush my system. I will continue drinking ample liquid and taking it easy. 

My friend here in Brazil is an ex Red Cross nurse, and has been in many remote areas in Africa and Asia and has seen this problem and I freely take her advice regarding potential problems. 

You and your family may react differently than I do and in fact you may react differently to the stings of various insects.

Know what works for you and take immediate action. This might include,

  • Icing the area
  • Drinking water
  • Antihistamines
  • Resting
  • An Epi pen 
  • Visit to your doctor or emergency room. 

Although I have removed several of the nests, there are many which may be hidden. 

Today, I have made a net covering for my hat, similar to a bee keepers hat. This will allow me to continue cutting without the risk of getting stung.  



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