I'm excited about this post. I've just read about a woman who is giving away her farm in North Carolina  in a contest. She has asked entrants to write an 200 word essay saying why they should win. This is a win win situation for everyone.  

There are a few caveats though. The  people need to be between 25-50 (as we know farming can be tiring). Also at least one person needs to be an American citizen. The farm is BlueBird Hill Farm. 

There is an entrance fee of $300, which will be returned to entrants if the base price isn't met. This will be wonderful opportunity for people who are farmers but haven't the funds to buy one themselves. She is looking for a couple who are passionate not just about farming but about the way of life. 

This is an organic farm with certification, located in North Carolina and has an estimated value of $450,000.

Do you have what it takes to be the new owner of this beautiful farm? If so, this prize could change your life. 

There is a wonderful home, a barn and a chicken coop. This will make a happy home for one lucky couple. Although I love my home here in the tropics, if I was younger I would be entering this giveaway. 

Visit her site, and look at the images, could you picture yourself living there?

We all know that farming takes a special kind of person and it is this type of person (couple) that Norma Burns wants to see taking over her farm. 

In the  video which is linked at the bottom, Mrs. Burns becomes emotional, I know we can all share that feeling. When you work so hard, often with mixed results, it is difficult to detach and let go. 

I imagine she has spent quiet times on her porch overlooking the lake wondering and worrying about the best route forward for the sake of the farm. This is a feeling I don't' think 'city dwellers' have. 

It has to do with being connected to the land, feeling your hands in the soil, and herding animals to a pen. It is a simple way of life that so many crave but aren't will to step out of their comfort zone and grab it. 

I did and if you are a small farmer, then you know exactly what I am referring to, it's more than just a way of life, it the essence of life.

To see an interview of Mrs. Burns 

To Enter the giveaway for the farm,