A Kansas judge has ruled that a class action suit against the Swiss company Syngenta, can go ahead. This is a blow for the major seed and chemical company who have their headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. The company disagrees with the district court's ruling and is considering an appeal.

Farmers in several corn growing areas across the US have come together to file a lawsuit against the company. The farmers, say their corn which was exported to China, was rejected due to the fact there were traces of Agrisure Viptera.

Although China has accepted genetically modified strains of corn before, this particular variety was not on the approval list and was not accepted resulting in the loss of revenue for many corn exporters, many of whom had not grown that particular strain of corn but which had still been rejected.

Besides the court ruling against them, the company has been in the news as concerns were raised over the sale of Syngenta to The  China National Chemical Corp. or ChemChina as it is called. The senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley, whose state depends heavily on agriculture, is concerned that actions of the company may be hidden from US civil laws as a result of the purchase. The deal is set to go ahead once the EU has given its approval, currently it appears this will be in March.